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     Tenzi New Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of specialized construction products that are manufactured according to exclusive advanced formulas and processes by a team of well-trained specialized engineers at the University. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology - Moscow research.

     Tenzi's products are currently popular in the Middle East, Iraq and some European countries... Some large domestic construction projects have also switched to using new products manufactured by Tenzi because of their superior features. Viet Nam in construction ensures stable quality and meets international standards thanks to production on technological lines that are mechanized and automated to the maximum.

     In May 2016, Tenzi's new factory officially operated with a capacity of over 10 tons/hour to supply a variety of materials to serve the development needs of the construction market.

     In September 2016, Tenzi officially expanded into the field of manufacturing decorative unburnt lightweight concrete products, to develop the application of glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC composite material) product line that the company has developed. successfully researched and put into production in the past time, besides participating in research and development of many new products to serve the needs of decoration and construction in the future.


– The key products TENZI Co.,Ltd are the result of long-term research and testing of specialized engineers who are very passionate about the profession. The results from the laboratory have confirmed its quality and position in the market for a long time.

– This outstanding advantage allows TENZI Co.,Ltd to be completely proactive in production, continuously launching new products, meeting the most stringent requirements of the market.

– The main products of TENZI Co.,Ltd such as stone glue, KELAS brick, KECHI joint glue, KELAI B/P unburnt brick mortar, KELAI C cast concrete mortar, MOBRICK red brick mortar, Skim coat (wall putty), construction additives... are all manufactured on the most mechanized and automated technological lines designed and mastered by the company itself, so TENZI Co's products .,Ltd is always stable, reasonably priced and highly competitive compared to similar imported products.

– Especially, since May 2016 TENZI Co.,Ltd has inaugurated and put into operation its new factory with a capacity of 10 tons/hour to meet the growing needs of the construction market.


     Abbreviations     TENZI Co.,Ltd
     Founded year     2012
     Manager     Ms. HOANG ANH PHUONG
     CT Council TV     Ms. HOANG ANH PHUONG
     Office address     292/34/12 Binh Loi, Ward 13, Binh Thanh District – Ho Chi Minh City
      Telephone     028 6258 1159
      Fax     028 6258 1179
      Factory address 1     Long Binh Tan Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province.
      Factory address 2     Song Ve, Tu Nghia, Quang Ngai.
     Business registration number/MST     0311647424
     Issued by     Ho Chi Minh City Department of Planning and Investment
     Date Range     21-03-2012
     Authorized capital     3,540,000,000 VND
     Main business sectors:

     Production of cement-based building materials:

       - Glue stone, brick.

       - Glue rub ron.

       - Specialized mortars.

       - Skimcoat powders.

       - Repelling.

       - Fiberglass reinforced concrete.